Business Users

Leading endpoint protection software to safeguard your organization’s endpoints and servers from advanced cyber threats and malware attacks.

  • K7 Business Security

    • Business Friendly – designed for small offices with basic IT setup
    • Hassle Free installation, administration and operation
    • Centralised control over endpoints on the network
    • Dedicated Support and real-time technical assistance.
  • K7 Cloud Endpoint Security

    • Quick access to web-based console from anywhere, with complete control over the endpoint devices
    • Protects unlimited devices with the cloud-managed business edition
    • Simple, intuitive console
    • Cost-effective, feature-rich advanced security solution from the cloud


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  • K7 Enterprise Security

    • Advanced protection for your Enterprise needs.
    • Zero day protection Guaranteed.
    • Our ultra-fast incredibly intelligent Cerebro scanning engine, With its intricate control and monitoring, allows you to get highly customized detailed reports.
    • Automatically uninstalls the existing product and installs Enterprise Security across many devices.


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  • K7 Mail Security

    • The complete protection for your email server.
    • Protect email data including attachments.
    • Advanced Anti-spam features.
    • Advanced Anti-phishing features.
    • Simple installation and no additional hardware or software required.


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