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Security Glossary

Adware Blocker 
Adware Blocker is a software program which stops / blocks all unwanted pop-up advertisement that disrupt your online experience. K7 TotalSecurity has got a pop-up blocker which stops adware from installing in your PC. Adware are sometimes malicious and hence an Adware Blocker is essential for a PC connected to Internet.

Antivirus Software 
Antivirus Software is a program that detects and eliminates or neutralizes a virus program, if a PC is infected. In Simple, Antivirus Software is a Virus Protection Software which protects computers from potential virus attacks.

E-mail borne virus 
A malicious program capable of spreading via email. Email Borne Virus threats are increasing day-by-day and pose danger as they spread fast from one network to another through email.

Executable (.exe) 
A file that contains a set of code written to run/create a program. Most of the viruses are attached with the .exe setup files, and researchers say that most of the users get infected when they execute the file believing it to be a genuine program. A good Internet Security Software with an Antivirus Program and Firewall would be able disinfect the virus or stop the virus from being executed.

A Hacker Intrusion Detection System, which stops unwanted / unknown network trying to access your computer when connected to Internet. On Daily Basis, there are so many victims who get affected by hacker attacks resulting in loss of control over their PCs and thereby, in personal life by losing valuables. A firewall would monitor both incoming and outgoing network traffic and alerts the user if there is any suspicious network trying to gain access to the user's computer.

A programmer who tries to gain unauthorized access to a computer by breaking the security setting without the user's knowledge. If the hacker gains access, he can steal information or install unwanted software programs in a computer to get the data transferred to third parties.

Malicious Software in short Malware is a form of computer program which can infiltrate and damage a computer without the user's knowledge. Viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, backdoors, spyware, adware come under the malware category.

A type of fraudulent activity in which a criminal attempts to make a victim believe by showing a false identity and acquire their important & confidential information.

A window or applet which appears automatically and displays an ad without the consent of the user. Certain Pop-Ups also utilizes more of system resources and install spyware or adware in a PC without the user's knowledge.

A program which obtains users' information and transfers it to third parties, without users' knowledge. In a way, Spyware is also similar to Adware. Spyware is known to be one of top fraudulent activity carried out over in the internet.

System Monitor 
An important feature in K7 TotalSecurity - Internet Security Software - which alerts users, when there is an attempt to change the system security settings. Because most of the phishing attacks are carried on only after changing the computer security settings, this is a very important part of Internet Security Software.

Trojan Horse 
This is also known as Trojan. A Trojan is a worm or virus, which is programmed by a third party to carry out a specific task without the user's knowledge or consent.

A software program which is capable of reproducing itself within the computer and harm the system's program files, which may even lead to system crash/damage.

Unlike a virus, a worm is not a parasite. It is capable of reproducing and spreading itself to damage or infect a computer and its network of PCs. This makes them even more dangerous than viruses.