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K7 Mobile Security

  • Proactive Anti-Virus

  • Device Location Tracker

  • Call Blocker
  • Browser Protection

  • Burglar Alarm

  • Remote Device Access
$ 34.96

Key Features

Key Features

Internet is now available in almost every handheld devices. You can perform online transactions or shop on the go. However, 97% of all mobile malware attacks android based devices, making your device an easy target for attackers. Since mobile devices can be easily lost or stolen, you need to ensure the confidential information is not compromised. K7 Mobile Security offers complete protection for android devices by integrating anti-theft technology with malware protection.

Anti-Theft Technology

  • Android tracking software locates stolen devices and can interact with your devices remotely to block access to all information.
  • Burglar Alarm Remotely triggers a loud burglar alarm to scare off thieves and indicate that the device used is stolen.
  • Remote Operations Access your stolen phone to Lock / Unlock / Wipe Data / Trigger alarms from your trusted mobile numbers of friends or family.
  • Report unauthorized access Change of SIM by illegal users is reported to server.

Content Blocker

  • Blacklist and block unwanted calls/texts/video calls easily.

Web Protection

  • Blocks malicious websites and stops hostile codes to access confidential data from your device.

Storage Protection

  • Auto scans and cleans malware in both internal memory and external cards, and updates the latest anti-virus signature.

Anti-virus protection

  • Best real time protection against malware and from downloaded apps with customized scan.



  • Best Anti-Virus suite for your Android devices to thwart all potential malware attacks.
  • Flags harmful websites and thus prevents phishing, spyware attacks and loss of data identity.
  • Blocks access to personal information like photos, passwords and allows the erase of contents through remote access
  • Scan and prevents viruses from bad downloads.
  • Locates stolen devices using GPS coordinates through K7 Device Tracker.
  • Easy to install and occupies less storage space.
  • Unwanted calls from various sources can be blocked; even texts and video calls can be blocked as well.

System Requirements

System Requirements

  • Operating System : Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and above
  • Screen Resolution : 320 x 480 pixels and above
  • Mobile internet (2G/3G/wifi connection)