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CEO - K7 Computing Pvt Ltd Jayaraman Kesavardhanan
Founder, CEO & Managing Director

Jayaraman Kesavardhanan or ‘Keseven’, as he is fondly known, is an expert in the field of security solutions. As a kid he was drawn to system level assembly languages and system security, which he had learnt in a summer camp. This early fascination evolved into a conscious aim of making world class in-house security products, which were unexplored at that time. At a young age of 22, he founded India’s first Anti-Virus company, "K7 Computing".

Keseven coded VX2000, his initial anti-virus program in 1992, which incidentally was also the first ever DOS based anti-virus software ever written.  It became a breakthrough product in the market and cemented a deal with CYBERMEDIA, a US based company in 1993.Subsequently he has worked with McAfee, which had acquired CYBERMEDIA.

With a good history of strong products,  Keseven began a lucrative partnership, in 2002, with SourceNext  to develop anti-virus products for the highly competitive Japanese market. K7 currently serves over 15 million satisfied customers around the globe.

Consistency, Persistence and Single-minded vision in creating world-class security products have been the hallmarks of Keseven's leadership of K7 Computing. Building on the strength of the company and its management team, with a visionary leader at the helm, K7 Computing is now looking to grow into further global markets with an innovative and smart range of products that match Keseven's philosophy of speed, powerful efficiency and simplicity of use.

Principal Architect Babu Katchapalayam
Principal Architect

Babu is responsible for architecture, design and development of security software and is also the overall development team leader at K7 Computing. His early career started with K7 in the early 1990’s, after which he moved to the USA to work with Cybermedia, McAfee, and founded Zytadel, and then relocated back to the K7 Computing family.

He is an expert in Windows programming and has an extensive background in security solutions. He had started Zytadel which developed unique solutions to preserve personal information and protect financial transactions over the internet.

Prior to founding Zytadel, Babu was a Senior Director of Engineering at McAfee, responsible for their largest consumer security services development that had close to 27 million subscribers. He successfully built and managed a multi-site development team for McAfee consumer, and worked with multiple business partners including RSA, VeriSign, Microsoft, AOL and DELL, defining, designing and developing security software and solutions.

Babu moved to McAfee after their acquisition of Cybermedia, where he was Senior Software Architect. He played a key role in developing the award winning products: CyberMedia FirstAid and CyberMedia Oil Change, the first Internet based subscription software. He has authored and co-authored, several patented technologies associated with McAfee consumer services and CyberMedia. Babu is based in Cupertino, California but now, spends most of his time at K7 Computing, at its headquarters in Chennai.

Chief Financial OfficerMohan Raghav
Chief Financial Officer

Mohan is responsible for advising and managing the financial operations at K7 Computing. He has over 22 years of extensive experience in the finance industry, including 10 years of international experience working in Middle East and USA.

He currently serves as an independent financial consultant and represents a variety of businesses such as software, e-learning, digital commerce and manufacturing industries. Mohan has a wealth of expertise in the areas of finance and accounting, financial analysis and investments management, and taxation. Mohan has assisted in building and leading finance teams in esteemed firms.

Mohan earned his bachelor of commerce from University Of Madras and is a certified Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant and Company Secretary by the Institutes in India. He has also obtained the Chartered Management Accountant certification from CIMA, London, UK.