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K7 Anti-Virus Premium

  • Total Malware Protection

  • Intelligent Device Control

  • USB Drive Vaccination
  • Smart Firewall

  • Proactive Scan Engine

  • Bootable Rescue CD
$ 44.90

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Key Features

Key Features

Home devices are most vulnerable to attacks from the bad guys. Home users are unaware that a simple download of their favorite song can trigger an inflow of abuse. Malware replicates, feeds on network bandwidth and causes systems to malfunction, in some cases bring it to a complete halt. K7 Anti-Virus Premium monitors for bad data and blocks network based attacks. Additionally, prevents the auto run of downloaded data and cleans up all traces of infection from bad downloads.

Smart Firewall

  • Stealth mode renders the system invisible when connected to internet.
  • Smart Intrusion Detection System to stop network based attacks.
  • Enhanced network detection to identify new networks that can be accessed.
  • Automatic decision capability when connected to trusted applications.

Virtual Keyboard

  • Information entered through the virtual keyboard stays undetected by spyware, aiding in safe online transactions.

Intelligent Real Time Scanner

  • Ability to detect exploits in any file type.
  • A smart file scanning algorithm, which does not slow down system performance.

K7 Bootable Rescue CD

  • A rescue disc scans the user system and cleanses all malware infection at the boot level.

Drive-By –Download Blocking

  • Detects and eliminates browser exploits and malware, based on its behavior.

Total Device Control

  • Scans USB and prevents hostile auto runs.
  • Control read, write and execute access to external devices.
  • Each USB drive is immunized to prevent malware infection.

Enhanced Scan Engine

  • Enhanced detection capability for General, Flash-based and PDF based Malware.

Zero-Day Threat Blocking

  • Detects and blocks PDF based exploits.

Vulnerability Scanner

  • Detects and notifies the exploitable applications that can cause harm to the user's system.



  • Smart firewall keeps attackers and intruders at the bay, protecting your personal data.
  • Eliminates known threats and proactively defends emerging threat with intelligent real time protection.
  • In the event of system crash, a rescue bootable disc (Linux based), scans and clears malware at the boot level.
  • Scans all external storage and disinfects USB drives to remove all traces of infection.
  • Ensures safe browsing at all times, constant validation of websites into good or bad category happens in the background and blocks access to hostiles ones.
  • Safer downloads; files are scanned for threats even before it can be downloaded.
  • Customized scanning helps to look for threats in specific files and applications.
  • A faster anti-virus engine, detects a range of hostile attacks, without slowing down system performance.

System Requirements

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP SP3(32 bit)/ Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 and 8.1 / Windows 10
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 400 MB of Hard Disk space
  • Working Internet connection required for Activation and Updates
  • Needs Administrator user rights to install the software