K7 Computing demystifies
the ‘Android Banking Trojan’

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How To Remove ‘Fireball’ Malware?

Free tool for scanning, detecting and removing ‘Fireball’

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Keep your data safe from hackers

There are bad guys out there who want to get to
your data. Make that a thing of the past.



Top-Notch Performance for your devices

With our tuning tools, you are moments away from getting
the best performance your devices can offer.

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Don't leave your Smartphone Unprotected

While you secure your PCs and laptops, don't leave your
smartphone vulnerable. K7 secures all!

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Keep your kids away from the bad guys

The Internet is many things. Some good and some bad.
Let your kids see only its good side.

Protect Your Kids


  • K7 Total Security Plus

    • Award winning protection for all your devices.
    • Parental control to keep your kids safe online.
    • Secure online banking and shopping.
    • Advanced protection with anti-theft features for mobile devices.
  • K7 Mobile Security

    • Safeguards from malicious apps.
    • Track your smartphone in case of loss or theft.
    • Blacklist and block unwanted calls/texts.
    • Protects you as you surf online.
  • K7 Total Security

    • Award winning protection for your PCs and laptops.
    • Full protection while you bank, shop or work online.
    • Parental control to keep your kids safe online.
    • Simple to set up and use.
  • K7 Secure Web

    • The ultimate solution for safe banking online.
    • Offers you a worry-free online shopping experience.
    • Exclusively designed to safeguard you online.
    • Protects your financial data from hackers and phishers.
  • K7 Antivirus Premium

    • Comprehensive protection for your system.
    • Protection from data-stealing malware.
    • Safeguards you from hacker intrusions.
  • K7 Ultimate Security

    • Comprehensive protection for your system.
    • Protection from data-stealing malware.
    • Backup and Restore important data
    • Safeguards you from hacker intrusions.


  • K7 Mail Security

    • The complete protection for your email server.
    • Protect email data including attachments.
    • Advanced Anti-spam features.
    • Advanced Anti-phishing features.
    • Simple installation and no additional hardware or software required.


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  • K7 Enterprise Security

    • Advanced protection for your Enterprise needs.
    • Zero day protection Guaranteed.
    • Our ultra-fast incredibly intelligent Cerebro scanning engine, With its intricate control and monitoring, allows you to get highly customized detailed reports.
    • Automatically uninstalls the existing product and installs Enterprise Security across many devices.


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  • K7 Cloud Endpoint Security

    • Quick access to web-based console from anywhere, with complete control over the endpoint devices
    • Protects unlimited devices with the cloud-managed business edition
    • Simple, intuitive console
    • Cost-effective, feature-rich advanced security solution from the cloud


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  • K7 Business Security

    • Business Friendly – designed for small offices with basic IT setup
    • Hassle Free installation, administration and operation
    • Centralised control over endpoints on the network
    • Dedicated Support and real-time technical assistance.