Superior online finance security

K7 SecureWeb is a product that has been designed considering the bottlenecks of frequent online customers who do financial transactions. For those who use the Internet for banking, shopping, or other sensitive transactions there's always a chance that the cybercriminals will intercept your transaction and steal your credentials or your money. Adding K7 SecureWeb browser to your range of protection will keep your transactions safe and secure completely.

With this secure browser you can protect all your online transactions even on a system that's been affected by malware.


  • Transaction Protection
  • Anti Keylogging
  • Anti Screen Capturing
  • Content Protection
  • Process Protection
  • DNS Protection
  • Session Riding
  • Cookie Protection
  • Robust Certificate Management

No fear of losing your Identity Online!

K7 SecureWeb's identity theft protection technology protects your personal and confidential information, while you carry-out financial transactions over the internet.

Bank Online. Even if your PC is infected!

K7 SecureWeb's unique technology helps you securely bank online even if your pc is infected with any kind of viruses or malicious threats. Now you can carry out any financial transactions any-time without worries, as K7 SecureWeb protects you from phishing, pharming attacks, key logger exploits and much more.

  • Begins where existing security solutions (anti-virus, anti-spyware, internet security) ends and completes your protection
  • Protects online transactions even if the computer is infected
  • Fully compatible with any existing security solutions
  • Does not require any signature updates to defend against malware that target personal information and online transactions
  • Install in seconds, does not slow down the computer or other running applications
  • Simple, easy to use familiar browser interface
  • Seamless browser extension that integrates with existing web browsers

Secure Environment

K7 SecureWeb restricts its browser environment by only allowing trusted components required for online transaction websites, eliminating the need for signatures or behavioral technology to identify malicious programs or attempts. Any attempt to access this environment is blocked by default without any annoying prompts or user intervention, providing the best security for information and transaction protection.


K7 SecureWeb ensures secure delivery of keystrokes right from the keyboard to the website, blocking any attempts to intercept or eavesdrop keystrokes. This approach eliminates the need for identifying key logging programs both existing and future.

Anti-Screen Capturing

K7 SecureWeb blocks all attempts to read its window content by any programs good or bad.

Content Protection

Malicious programs attempt to directly read data entered on a form or manipulate the webpage to request for additional information or direct the submission to malicious websites.K7 SecureWeb blocks any attempt to directly read data entered on a form and prevents any unauthorized modification to the webpage.

Secure Communication

Malicious programs attempt to intercept the communication between the user computer and the website to steal information, perform unauthorized transaction or take the user to malicious website without the user ever realizing these underlining attacks. K7 SecureWeb's robust integrated communication layer prevents all attempts to eavesdrop and/or manipulate the information exchange, ensuring secure communication with the intended website.

Robust Certificate Management

Web browsers use digital certificate to identify secure websites (https/ssl). Malicious programs tamper browser certificate management and simply bypass their warnings.K7 SecureWeb's robust certificate management prevents any manipulation and simply blocks websites that present fake/incorrect certificate without any annoying messages.

  • Identity theft protection
  • Personal information protection
  • Transaction security
  • Website identification

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP2 /SP3 (32 Bit only)
  • Windows Vista - SP1 / SP2
  • Windows 7
  • Working Internet connection required for Activation and Updates
  • Needs Administrator user rights to install the software
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