In the summer of 1991 Jayaraman Kesavardhanan took the first step in what would become the greatest journey he would ever undertake. He founded K7, India’s first and exclusive anti-virus software company. In 1992 K7 Computing, spearheaded by Kesavardhanan, released the VX2000, the first ever DOS based anti-virus software. It proved to be a commercial success and went on to cement K7’s position in the global anti-virus software industry. In 1994, K7 Computing released the Generic Decryption Engine - a tool that proved vital to combating the viruses prevalent at the time.

What came next were a few years of hard research and development. In 2002, K7 Computing launched K7 Total Security, a sophisticated software that integrated anti-virus, anti-spam, an advanced firewall and Privacy Control software. It went on to set the industry benchmark in security software.

2003 would prove to be a pivotal year in the company’s history. K7 signed a lucrative partnership with Japanese software giant Sourcenext, to sell the highly coveted K7 Virus Security Software. As one of Japan’s fastest growing publishing companies, Sourcenext was perfectly posed to take K7 into the highly competitive international market a market in which K7 has been a major player till date.

In 2007 K7 expanded its Chennai operations and opened a new state-of-the-art development lab at OMR. The lab is in line with K7’s vision of the future : To offer online defence solutions in the form of sophisticated anti-virus and Internet security software, to not just large corporations, but small companies and individual users as well. This is why we have taken cues from the military, to revamp and re-launch our core products.