J. Kesavardhanan
J. Kesavardhanan
CEO & Managing Director

J Kesavardhanan, or Kesevan as he is generally known has been involved in the anti-virus field for the last 21 years. In 1991, at the age of 22 he established K7 Computing and wrote his first anti-virus program, which led in 1993 to his entering into a strategic relationship with USA based Cybermedia, producers of three of the top-selling products in the competitive US market, PC911, First-Aid for Windows and later First-Aid for Windows 95. Cybermedia was subsequently bought by McAfee and Kesevan worked on several projects with them.

Kesevan's first AV entry into the Indian market was the extremely successful VX 2000 product that captured a huge portion of the Indian market through the mid to late 1990's, and was comparable with the globally dominant brands of the day.

With a good history of strong products behind him Kesevan began in 2002 to develop antivirus products for the highly competitive Japanese market. Now, in 2012 more than 10 million users trust K7 Virus Security to protect them, and have made it the leading consumer brand, out-competing all the established global brands in the world's second largest software market.

Consistency, persistence and single-minded vision in creating world-class security products have been the hallmarks of Kesevan's leadership of K7 Computing. Building on the strength of the company and its management team, with a visionary leader at the helm, K7 Computing is now looking to grow into further global markets with a range of products that match Kesevan's philosophy of speed, powerful efficiency and simplicity of use.

Babu Katchapalayam Babu Katchapalayam
VP - Engineering

Babu is responsible for architecting, designing and developing security software and solutions and overall development team leader. He is an expert in Windows programming and has a long background in the security space, initially starting with K7 in the early 1990's before moving to the USA to join Cybermedia, McAfee, founding Zytadel and eventually coming back to the K7 Computing family.

Babu previously founded Zytadel, a security company which was acquired by K7 Computing in early 2009. Zytadel developed unique solutions to protect personal information and secure financial transactions over the Internet.

Prior to founding Zytadel, Babu was a Senior Director of Engineering at McAfee, responsible for their largest consumer security services development with close to 27 million subscribers. He successfully built and managed a multi-site development team for McAfee consumer, and worked with multiple business partners including RSA, VeriSign, Microsoft, AOL and DELL defining, designing and developing security software and solutions.

Babu came to McAfee via their acquisition of Cybermedia where he was Senior Software Architect. He played a key role in developing the award winning products CyberMedia FirstAid and CyberMedia Oil Change, the first Internet based subscription software. He authored and co-authored several patented technologies associated with McAfee consumer services and CyberMedia. Babu is based in Cupertino, California but now spends most of his time at K7 company Headquarters in Chennai.

Shuveb Hussain Shuveb Hussain
Head of Cloud Computing and Virtualisation Research

Shuveb heads the Cloud Computing and Virtualization division at K7 Computing. He joined K7 Computing as a result of the acquisition of Binary Karma, a Chennai based start-up that developed Virtualization management products including the successful FluidVM virtualisation management platform, now part of the K7 Product Line.

Shuveb has nearly a decade of experience in the IT Industry previously having worked for companies like Novatium, Aricent and Naturesoft before co-founding BinaryKarma. His work experience has taken him from embedded systems to networking and to enterprise IT management systems.

Shuveb has contributed code mainly to virtualization related Open Source projects and has authored many articles for publications like Linux Gazette and Linux For You. He has also spoken at many events including FOSS.in.

While he is not coding, Shuveb is busy either reading or soldering his next electronics project.